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Category: Balancers
Manufacturer: Hofmann

The Hofmann Corporation, a worldwide company, began in 1931 as a privately-owned company located in Pfungstadt, Germany. Hofmann USA began manufacturing, distributing and servicing its products in North America in 1969. In 1997, Hofmann Corporation was purchased by Snap-on, Inc. Since this purchase, Hofmann has taken steps to strengthen its position in the marketplace with a solid feature-packed product offering. Combined with our sister company in Canada, Hofmann Balancing Techniques, Ltd., we have become a major supplier of professional shop equipment to the automotive aftermarket in North America. Today, we have in place a nationwide factory-trained independent sales and service network to support our products. The Hofmann training center, located just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas is fully equipped to train factory representatives, service technicians, distributors and automotive technicians on the latest products available.

Hofmann geodyna Optima II Fully Automatic Diagnostic Wheel Balancer

geodyna™ Optima II
Fully-Automatic Diagnostic Wheel Balancer

The Hofmann Optima II™ is a fully-automated diagnostic wheel balancer. Just clamp the wheel, lower the hood and let the machine do the rest - completely error proofed for the technician. This revolutionary machine uses an industry-first method of obtaining the complete profile of the tire and wheel in one spin cycle. Features such as automatic power clamping, automatic data input, and automatic recognition of wheel type results in no guess work or intervention on the technician’s part.

Hofmann geodyna Optima Wheel Balancer

geodyna™ Optima
Wheel Balancer

Hofmann’s most advanced wheel balancer, the geodyna Optima, is the industry’s first balancer to use patented non-contact laser technology with CCD cameras to automatically capture measurements including distance, diameter and width, radial and lateral run-out, and spoke count/location in less than 30 seconds.

Hofmann geodyna 9600p Wheel Balancer

geodyna™ 9600p
Wheel Balancer

The Hofmann geodyna 9600p is a high-performance, feature-packed wheel balancer designed for high-volume tire shops. The geodyna 9600p delivers the fastest floor-to-finish time of any wheel balancer on the market. The technician simply places the wheel onto the balancer shaft and taps on the foot pedal to activate the Power Clamp, then closes the wheel guard and the balancer does the rest.

Hofmann geodyna 9300 Wheel Balancer

geodyna™ 9300
Wheel Balancer
EEWB731PD (Power Clamp), EEWB731D (ZipLock Ring-Nut)

The Hofmann geodyna 9300 series of premium wheel balancers are designed for multi-bay repair shops and professional tire stores that want to increase wheel balancing productivity and profitability. Available configurations include a Ring-Nut model or the patented Power Clamp feature for faster, more accurate tire mounting.

geodyna™ 2800
Wheel Balancer
EEWB704P (Power Clamp), EEWB704B (Ring-Nut)

The Hofmann geodyna 2800 series of premium wheel balancers are designed for multi-bay repair shops and professional tire stores that require maximum speed and accuracy. The geodyna 2800 digital wheel balancer is available in two configurations: standard Ring-Nut feature with three balancing cones, or the patented Power Clamp feature for faster, more accurate tire mounting.

Hofmann geodyna 2600 Wheel Balancer

geodyna™ 2600
Wheel Balancer

The Hofmann geodyna 2600 premium wheel balancer is designed for multi-bay repair shops and professional tire stores that require maximum speed and accuracy. The geodyna 2600 takes advantage of our patented Virtual Plane Measurement (VPM) technology and features Hidden Spoke Placement (HSP) and Operator Selectable Positioning (OSP) balancing modes. The geodyna 2600 also features semi-automatic entry of wheel diameter and distance, and automatic wheel weight indexing. This time-saving feature rotates the tire automatically to the correction location.

geodyna™ 2400
Wheel Balancer

The Hofmann geodyna 2400 is designed for multi-bay repair shops and tire stores. The geodyna 2400 provides unsurpassed accuracy and precise entries of wheel distance and diameter, eliminating operator errors and customer comebacks. It also includes Hofmann’s patented Hidden Spoke Placement (HSP) that allows the operator to hide correction weights behind the spokes on expensive wheels that have no outer flange.

Hofmann geodyna 2350/2300 Wheel Balancer

geodyna™ 2350/2300
Wheel Balancer
EEWB701D (geodyna 2350), EEWB700D (geodyna 2300)

The Hofmann geodyna 2350/2300 provides the industry’s leading-edge technology in a small footprint - perfect for single-bay shops and quick-lubes where space is at a premium. The geodyna 2350/2300 is equipped with balancing features found on more expensive machines, yet is affordably priced.

geodyna™ 2300m
Motorcycle Wheel Balancer

Hofmann’s geodyna 2300m is easy to use, accurate, rugged, reliable and affordable. It is specially designed to balance today’s motorcycle wheels. The geodyna 2300m features push-button start and an automatic brake, single or 2-plane balancing, and high-performance accuracy.

Hofmann geodyna 980L Wheel Balancer

geodyna™ 980L
Wheel Balancer

The geodyna 980L is Hofmann’s solution to heavy-duty wheel balancing needs. The geodyna 980L Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer is designed to handle the balancing needs of trucks, buses, RV’s, and Light Truck/Automobile tires. The geodyna 980L is equipped to handle from the smallest of wheels, 12" to heavy-duty 24.5" and "super-singles".