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Category: Heavy Duty Lifts
Manufacturer: Rotary

Rotary Heavy-Duty Lifts (over 14,000 lbs):
The direction of heavy-duty vehicle maintenance is changing. Now, the productivity of your fleet depends on your ability to do routine maintenance and repairs fast and efficiently – from under the vehicle. That’s why investing in an automotive lift boosts your bottom line. It improves technician access to dramatically speed up maintenance and repairs.

Rotary Lift sells more lifts than anyone else in the world. They’re built for years of dependable service, and they deliver on it consistently. All supported by a computerized parts system and by a network of trained installation and service specialists.

MOD30 or Modular Inground:
The MOD30 inground lift is totally contained in a 6’ enclosure protected with Rotary’s exclusive Enviroguard™ coating. This environmentally friendly lift is the most versatile and inventive lift ever to hit the truck service industry.