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Category: Brake Lathes
Manufacturer: Pro-Cut


Versatile Industry Standard!

Pro-Cut PFM 9.2 DRO Product Details

The PFM 9.2 DRO base unit is the midsized lathe with all the bells and whistles including fixed-post trolley, speed-lock cutting head, and electronic reporting that monitors lathe use, efficiency, and ROI.

PFM 9.2 DRO Key Features

  1. DRO computer with digital display of live run-out and "odometer" readings that provide motor hours, number of cuts, average comp time, and ROI data. Live run-out provides assurance that manufacturer specs are met with every brake job (and your shop sees NO COMEBACKS). The DRO odometer allows you to track the performance of the lathe so you can measure profitability and schedule maintenance when needed.
  2. Speed-Lock cutting head requires no hand tool set-up and adjusts with one hand. Set-up is faster and more accurate with fewer hassles for the technician.
  3. Disc-lock trolley features sealed bearings, a positive locking mechanism, and fixed post to accept GYR upgrade. Also provides a wider base for greater stability and new carriage design for perfect zero-gravity effect.
  4. 1.0 HP motor has all the power you'll need and the convenience of 110v electrical supply.
  5. Sculpted lathe body with built-in handles provides natural vibration dampening and is virtually indestructible.

How the PFM 9.2 DRO Works

  1. Install adapter to vehicle with hand wrench, then connect the lathe to adapter by hand-tightening the draw bar knob.
  2. Turn on the lathe and press one button to compensate for lateral run-out.
  3. Center cutting head over the rotor and lock with speed-lock lever.
  4. Set depth of cut and stop cam.
  5. Position cutting head to inner-most swept area of rotor and engage clutch, setting cut in motion. Once cut is complete, remove the lathe and adapter.

What’s Included

  1. Pro-Cut 9.2 on-car brake lathe
  2. DRO computer box (accepts G2X/GYR upgrades)
  3. Speed-lock cutting head
  4. Fixed post trolley (accepts GYR command center)
  5. 6 adapter package (8 adapter package $784 extra)
  6. All accessories including silencer and cutting bits
  7. On-site installation and training

PFM 9.2 DRO Specifications:

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1 YEAR WARRANTY - Parts & Labor

3 YEAR WARRANTY - Body/Internal Gears Only

Maximum Rotor Thickness:1.75"Carriage Speed:0.005" / rev.
Minimum Rotor Thickness:0.2"Motor:1.00 HP
Maximum Rotor Diameter:17.2"Weight:90 lbs.
Minimum Rotor Diameter:4"Electrical Supply:120v / 1ph / 60hz
Maximum Depth of Cut:0.020" / SideShipping Weight:200 lbs.
Spindle Speed:123 RPM

PFM 9.2 DRO Package Options: