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Ken-Tool is the leading manufacturer of tire service tools in the world. Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Ken-Tool has been providing the tire industry and automotive aftermarket with quality products for over 80 years.

Housed in a 75,000 square foot facility, Ken-Tool is a primary manufacturer of product, with its manufacturing expertise centered around drop hammer, upsetter, and press forging. The company goes to market through the traditional aftermarket distribution network.

The company also does contract forging for various companies both in and outside its industry. Private branded products are becoming an increasingly important part of Ken-Tool's business.

Ken-Tool® introduces the Blue Cobra™ Truck Tire Service Kit:

Ken-Tool®, the leader in tire service hand tools, now offers the truck service industry the ultimate truck tire service package – the Blue Cobra™ Truck Tire Service Set. The new Service Set (PN 35442) centers on Ken-Tool’s acclaimed Blue Cobra Truck Tire Demount Tool, and includes six other needed components to service most 22.5-in. and 24.5-in. truck tires quickly and easily.

Ken-Tool® introduces the Mega AirBlast™ Bead Seating Tool:

Ken-Tool®, the leader in tire service hand tools, has announced its latest product for tire service technicians, the 31444 Ken-Tool Mega AirBlast™ bead seating tool, designed to properly and efficiently seat the bead of tubeless tires to the rim.

Ken-Tool announces Strap Winder tool:

Ken-Tool®, the leader in tire service tools, has announced the release of the unique, patented Strap Winder tool (# 39760). Over-the-road truckers will find the Strap Winder tool to be time saving and very useful to secure nylon straps to the winches attached to a flatbed deck.

Ken-Tool adds to Truck Wrench line:

Ken-Tool®, the leader in tire service tools, has announced a significant expansion of its double-ended truck wrench product line, with three all new products, and improvements to three current offerings.

Ken-Tool® announces EZ Tire Rotator™ Inflation Cage Roller Insert:

Ken-Tool®, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional tire service tools and related products, announces the introduction of the EZ Tire Rotator™ – a roller insert for popular tire inflation cages.

Ken-Tool® announces its new Impact Separator tool:

Ken-Tool® has released its new T39B Impact Separator tool for use in suspension service situations.

The T39B Impact Separator uses a proven slide-ram design to remove ball joints, tie rod ends and shock links during replacement service – replacing the traditional hammer and fork. It provides the technician with a quick, safe and efficient means to remove worn suspension components from the vehicle.


Ken-Tool®, the world's leading manufacturer of professional tire service tools and related products, has announced a new replacement handle and other significant improvements to Ken-Tool's T11E® Duck-Billed Bead Breaking Wedge tool.  The T11E is a popular and widely used tire changing service tool for agricultural, heavy truck and off-the-highway tire service applications.

Ken-Tool® Offers Aluminum Bead Holder:

Ken-Tool®, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional tire service tools and related products, has released the Aluminum Bead Holder For Steel And Aluminum Wheels.

Ken-Tool TorqueMaster™ Line Expansion:

When a service technician reaches the point of reinstalling a wheel and tire to a vehicle, his first inclination is to reach for an impact wrench to install the lug nuts. He knows he should torque the nuts to a specific value as the final step, but using the torque wrench takes too much valuable time. The solution to the problem is the TorqueMaster™ torque limiting sockets and extensions from Ken-Tool.

Ken-Tool® offers 13-piece Wheel Cover & Wheel Lock Removal Tool Kit:

A service technician faced with attempting to find a customer’s factory key to unlock the wheel or wheel cover locks found on many vehicles today has a time consuming job. Oftentimes the customer doesn’t even know their vehicle is equipped with locks, and they have no idea where the key might be. Now, Ken-Tool a leading innovator in tire-service tools, addresses this time-consuming and aggravating problem with the Ken-Tool Wheel Cover and Wheel-Lock removal kits for Ford, Chrysler and GM vehicles, including the new 13-Piece Deluxe Removal Kit (#30171), joining the 9-Piece kit (#30170). The kits also cover standard and oversized OEM and aftermarket wheel locks for other domestic and imported cars and light trucks.

Ken-Tool expands tire mounting lubricant line:

Ken-Tool, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional tire service tools and related products, announces the significant expansion of its line of tire service lubricants. The new Ken-Tool lubricant products are: Euro Paste, Heavy Paste, Tiger Paste and Ultra Lube.

Blue Cobra™ Demounting Tool for Tubeless Truck Tires--Good as Gold!

The Blue Cobra demounting tool offers a golden value but at a reasonable price. Use this durable steel tool to demount nearly any 22.5" or 24.5" tubeless truck tire. Fast and easy, the Blue Cobra is worth its weight in gold but you don't need a pot of gold to afford one! New Item #35440: Contact Ken-Tool for availability details.

Ken-Tool's New Twist Socket sets, individual sockets released:

The Twist Socket grips positively into the surface of a damaged bolt head or nut to allow it to be removed by using an ingenious counterclockwise spiral grip surface integrated into the socket.

Ken-Tool's New Mounting/ Demounting Tire Bar for 19.5" Wheels and Tires:

Everything you need to take the hassle out of changing 19.5" truck tires! Specially designed to clear the hub and tackle those stiff, high ply, thick beads.

Industrial Wheel Lock Ring Tool Set:

The Industrial Wheel Lock Ring Tool Set (#32129) from Ken-Tool is designed to help tire technicians safely, easily and quickly remove and replace split lock rings on multi-piece industrial forklift wheels.

IronMan™ Ergonomic Wheel Lifting Bar That Helps Reduce Injuries:

Professional tire service technicians know that lifting large tire and wheel assemblies can put a lot of extra stress on their backs, with the potential to cause serious injuries.