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What happened to quality?

For those of us who have been around the "jack business" for more than a couple of decades, we've seen many of our competitors come and go. Most of our nation's original lifting equipment companies are out of business. In my opinion, they failed because they attempted to offer low-price product lines without holding on to what is most important...QUALITY!

Today, when our competitors offer a "price-line," it is typically a lesser product, supported by a lesser warranty. At NORCO, we don't make "throw away" products. I repeat, our imported products are not made to "throw-away." In fact, we have parts to rebuild every product that we sell regardless of their origin of manufacture!

We have a different view of what a "price-line" should look like. Let me use the example of our "I Models." "I" is for import. While we offer a number of products that are Made in the USA, we also offer a value version. They are an exact copy of our Made in USA counterpart but they are Made in China. These products have the same design and product testing as their American counterparts. They have the same dimensions too. In fact, placed side by side, it's tough to tell them apart! We are so confident in our USA and imported products that they are all covered by our exclusive NORCO Limited Lifetime Warranty.

So why do we do what we do? For those who want Made in the USA, we offer a wide range of those products. For those who have different budget constraints, we offer lower-priced imported products made with the same attention to quality as their American counterparts.

There's an old adage that goes something like this, "Remember, the bitter taste of bad quality lingers long after the memory of low price is forgotten." At NORCO we will never sacrifice quality in an effort to sell products at the cheapest price.

Transmission Jacks

Did you know that NORCO has the widest array of transmission jacks and saddles offered to the professional repair market today?

Let's talk about some of the unique features of our ½ ton capacity underhoist transmission jacks. While NORCO and its competitors use universal saddles on their underhoist transmission jacks, that's where the similarities end. The NORCO universal saddle is not like the ordinary saddles of our competitors.

1. The NORCO universal saddle has a knob at the base of each corner of the saddle to easily tighten the corner brackets in place. There's no more need for an open end wrench or other tools just to tighten the saddle brackets. With just a half turn of the Norco adjustment knob, you've safely secured the saddle brackets.

2. The NORCO universal saddle has also been designed as a base to accept vehicle specific adapters. The NORCO vehicle-specific saddles were designed in conjunction with our OEM partners to better stabilize transmissions during installation or removal.

3. We have also created other saddles to turn your NORCO underhoist transmission jack into a multi-functional tool. Would you like to perform a clutch service on a vehicle on a lift? No problem, just add our Model 72034 adapter to any of our ½ ton transmission jacks and get to work! Do you want to remove a fuel tank? No problem, just add our Model 72508 and you can safely remove and install 40 gallon fuel tanks.

Bottle Jacks

If you’re tired of “throw-away” quality bottle jacks and are looking for a quality, repairable, bottle jack, you’ve come to the right place. Our customers regularly tell us that the NORCO / KYB bottle jack is their number one choice when it comes to selecting quality bottle jacks. From top to bottom, inside and out, these jacks were designed for superior performance.

First, all NORCO / KYB bottle jacks are made with a No-Leak, Uni-Weld construction. Take a look at the top weld of the body to the collar and below where the weld connects the body of the bottle jack to the forged steel base. So, how is this different from our competition? I’ll answer the question with a question. How many times have you opened the case of those inexpensive bottle jacks to find the packaging soaked with jack oil? The answer, of course, is far too often. You will find that most of those cheap import competitors use a bottle jack body that is threaded into the base and the collar assemblies. Whenever you see threads, you should think, “leak-path.” Welds cost more but, again, the welds on the NORCO / KYB bottle jacks ensure leak free performance for the life of the product.

Second, relates to precise engineering of the product. Our precision machined internal oil passages and smooth bearing services have all been created with precise, close, tolerances. It is through this precise manufacturing process that we can guarantee superior out of the box quality and performance.

Because our jacks are used in a wide variety of industries, the NORCO / KYB bottle jacks have been designed for performance but built for extremes. The pump piston, ram, and extension screw in each NORCO / KYB bottle jack has been “Parkerized” to prevent rust and to increase the metal’s resistance to wear, even in damp, abrasive, environments. The cold-headed extension screw and the unique design o f the release valves reduce the number of moving parts which reduces the chance of breakage and excessive wear. With the safety of the user in mind, the oil by-pass system prevents the ram from being overextended to cause damage to the cylinder. It is through this precision engineering that allows us to offer a 50% overload factor into every NORCO / KYB bottle jack.

We’re so confident in our NORCO / KYB bottle jack that we’ve covered it by our exclusive
NORCO Limited Lifetime Warranty.


We offer a wide variety of Made in USA and import stands including
pin-type and ratchet styles with capacities from 2 ton to 22 ton.