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EuroVent by John Dow

EuroVent Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Welcome to EuroVent, the state-of-the-art system for efficiently removing toxic exhaust fumes from auto repair facilities and dealership service departments. This Euro-styled system gives your facility a clean, modern, professional appearance. EuroVent offers 3 unique systems to meet the changing needs of today’s repair facilities: above ground/rail systems, above ground/telescoping systems, and in-ground systems.

Above Ground/Rail System

Limitless Flexibility
Our streamlined, euro-style design will enhance the appearance of your service area. The innovative modular design uses an extruded aluminum exhaust rail and a sliding ventilation crab. This rail is simply installed overhead and behind the service bays.

The sliding crab, equipped with an exhaust hose and tailpipe adapter, rolls along the rail and can be positioned at any service bay. The entire system is easily sized to fit any workspace, and adapts quickly to your changing needs. Ventilation crabs may be added in just a few minutes to handle additional volume. No more time consuming and costly sheet metal and fan modifications, as with many traditional systems.

Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Operation Costs
With EuroVent, a high-efficiency exhaust fan quietly and effectively removes fumes. And unlike other systems, fewer outlets are required to cover all of the service bays. When not in use, the sliding crabs can be pushed out of the way. With fewer hose drops, a smaller exhaust fan can be uses, saving money and reducing energy consumption. Because air loss is also minimized, air make-up is reduced, saving energy and money.

Virtually Maintenance-Free
EuroVent’s rugged aluminum rail design is virtually maintenance-free and holds up under heavy use. No need to worry about PVC or cast iron pipes that can flood, freeze or break and result in costly repairs. Unlike with traditional overhead systems, there’s no HVAC spiral duct which can be damaged. We also stand behind our heavy-duty rail system by offering a limited lifetime warranty.

Ease of Use
Stationary drops with limited mobility can be awkward to hook up to a vehicle. EuroVent’s sliding crab system makes it easy to position a drop at any service bay and attach it to the vehicle. Hoses are easily retracted when not in use.

Reduced Installation Time
Spiral duct and some in-ground systems often require complicated designs and extensive installations. Because of EuroVent’s modular design, most systems can be engineered using eight basic components. This “bolt-together” design significantly reduces installation time. Our in-house design team will work with you to design your system, whether your project is a new construction, expansion or an existing facility or a replacement for a current exhaust system.

Enhanced Professional Image
Other systems have drops at every bay, which creates a cluttered, unorganized appearance. Most in-ground systems typically have hoses laying on the floor and open “floor ports” which are a potential safety hazard. With EuroVent, retractable hoses stay off the floor when not in use. The result is a clean, modern and professional image for your service department.

In-ground System

“Saddle-Style” Disappearing In-ground Exhaust System

EuroVent 3-piece telescoping design provides up to 5" of adjustability, making installation easier and faster.

  • Telescoping design makes final adjustments easier
  • Makes exhaust duct depth less critical
  • Eliminates need for additional extension pieces
  • Flared connections allow the hose to slide smoothly
  • Oblong mounting holes on saddle allow for horizontal adjustment

EuroVent in-ground system has a 3-step finishing process for superior corrosion protection

  • Phosphate base coat on all metal parts
  • Electro-coat primer penetrates all surfaces
  • Powder-coat top coat provides a durable finish

EuroVent Patented Rubber Door Design

  • 3mm internal steel plate is encapsulated in rubber
  • No moving parts
  • 180° opening
  • Corrosion and oil resistant
  • Easily replaceable

Each system comes complete with 3-piece floor assembly, 8' Crushproof exhaust hose, tailpipe adapter and hose insertion guide

Part No. EVU-3 3" Complete Underground System
Part No. EVU-4 4" Complete Underground System

Above Ground/Telescoping System

New from EuroVent, the leading manufacturer of "Overhead Rail-Type" Exhaust Systems is the "Telescoping" Overhead Vehicle Exhaust System.

Affordable System Makes Installation Faster and Easier!

  • Professional Appearance
    Telescoping design eliminates winches, ropes and pulleys. Universal, clean look from bay-to-bay. Hoses are stored when not in use.
  • Quality
    Made in the U.S.A. 1-year warranty.
  • Affordability
    Most systems are more affordable than other professional options.
  • Safety
    Innovative break-away design protects the vehicle being serviced, as well as the overhead exhaust system. Non-metallic tailpipe adapter protects the technician. No hoses left on the floor.
  • Durable
    Robust design produced of corrosion-resistant materials that should allow for years of trouble-free use.
  • Simple Installation
    The supplied duct saddle will adjust to various spiral duct sizes. System is shipped complete, ready to install.

Each system comes complete with 5” Universal Adjustable Saddle, 3-Piece Telescoping Hose, Universal Oval Tailpipe Adapter and Swing Gate Assembly.

Part No. EVT-3 3" Complete Telescoping Exhaust System

Introduction to EuroVent Systems

EuroVent is an exhaust ventilation system that incorporates an extruded aluminum exhaust rail and a sliding ventilation crab. The rail is installed overhead and along the service bays, and is connected to a high-efficiency exhaust fan. The sliding crab, equipped with an exhaust hose and tailpipe adapter, rolls along the rail and can be postioned at any service bay where ventilation is needed.

EuroVent is an extremely flexible and efficient system

Flexible…because the system can be easily sized to fit any shop and easily changes at a later time to increase or decrease shop coverage. Ventilation crabs can be added as needed to handle additional volume.

Efficient…because of the trolley system design. Fewer outlets are required to cover all of the service bays. When not in use, the sliding crabs can be pushed out of the way. And with fewer drops, a smaller exhaust fan can be used, saving cost and energy consumption.

Eurovent Systems Warranty & Ordering Information

EuroVent Warranty

EuroVent products listed (except aluminum rail and neoprene seal) which prove to be defective in material and workmanship within (1) one year from the date of purchase may be returned freight prepaid fo repair, replacement or credit.

Limited Lifetime Warranty On Aluminum Rail & Neoprene Seal
JohnDow warrants to the orginal purchaser that the aluminum rail and neoprene seal will be free from defects in materials and manufacture for as long as the orginal purchaser owns the system. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear or failure due to misuse, carelessness or any accidental cause.

Ordering Information
Orders should be placed through an authorized EuroVent distributor or sales agent.

Most orders can be shipped within a few days of the orginal order date. However, it is highly recommended that purchase orders be submitted at least four weeks prior to installation date to insure complete availability of product and timely shipment.