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The best-kept secret in the Midwest

If you have used high-quality parts washers, you have probably used PMW machines. We have been designing and building heavy-duty washers for nearly 20 years, with many distributed under private label names.

Now the secret is out. PMW quality, service and solid guarantee are yours to order direct. For precision and quality you can count on in your operation, why not go straight to the quality source? Precision Metal Works, an MKC company.

Quality = people, parts + process

  • Our Quality Assurance program starts with the people we hire.  Our workforce is among the most dedicated and the hardest-working in the nation.
  • We overbuild to help make certain you have no surprises down the road.  We choose the heavier, higher-quality component parts and materials. We use only the best and forget the rest.
  • PMW parts washers are 100% in-house manufactured. We build them from the ground-up right here in our advanced facility.  We purchase only quality pumps and motors and we design and manufacture all major assemblies ourselves for maximum quality and accountability.
  • Our integrated manufacturing process allows us to cost-efficiently add custom options and features to precisely match the application you are planning.

This rugged machine is designed for small parts to V-8 blocks. With a 12 ga. steel cabinet, a 2 hp. main pump, lift out turntable, low water shut off and it's portable.

The model 110 is the perfect Power Spray Washer for the small shop as well as an inexpensive additional washer for the large shops overflow work. The model 110 will eliminate the use of a solvent tank. The 110 rugged, heavy duty welded construction assures years of trouble free service and includes key features resulting in performance benefits. The model 110 provides a safe and efficient method to wash parts in both commercial and industrial applications.

Model 110 features:

  • Safety - Hot water and biodegradable detergents are far safer to work with and environmentally safer to dispose.

  • Compact - Portable Design - Approximately the size of a solvent tank and rolls on optional casters.

  • Fully self contained

  • Full Automatic - Timed cycle allows user to perform other tasks while parts are washed automatically.

  • Cleaner Parts - Dirt, oil and grease, naturally separate from water and the wash solution remains cleaner and does not redeposit on the parts. Optional Stainless Steel Belt Oil Skimmer - The oil skimmer removes floating petroleum products.

  • Turntable Rotation - The turntable turns the parts to ensure a complete exposure to wash solution therefore a cleaner part.

  • Working Height - 18" under the spray bar. (28" opt'l.)

  • Optional Hand Brush - A separate pump fed hand brush can be provided for larger parts and special detailing.

  • Capacity - 300 lbs.

  • Size - 52"H x 40"W x 34"D

  • Standard 550 lbs.

With a standard 5 hp. Pump, 26" dia. turntable, and a 40" working height this washer has many more standard and optional features available. Turntable easily handles loads up to 800 lbs.

The model 412 is ideal for commercial rebuilders and larger shops.  5 H.P. pump, 1/15 H.P. turntable gear motor, 12 Kw. electric heat, Insulated cabinet, Electric lockout, 70 gal. reservoir and 5 cu. ft. parts basket standard. The many options available allow the user to custom design the 412 to meet all applications. Contact P.M.W. for information on other available models.

Model 412 & 412ST (Soak Tank) features:

  • Labyrinth door design - eliminates the need for troublesome replacement seals.
  • 40" work height - will accept any automotive block, cylinder head or transmission body in todays market.
  • Door mounted turntable - Swings out to provide easy access for loading and unloading. 800 lb. capacity turntable.
  • Other Sizes & Options Available.
  • Size - 78"H x 60"W x 61"D
  • Standard 1500 lbs.
  • w/Soak Tank, 1700 lbs.

Working Dimensions: 36" dia. turntable and 54" working height.  1000 lbs. load capacity.  3500 lbs. shipping weight.
Size - 102"H x 76"W x 66"D
The 812 series machines are available in 6 standard sizes. Up to a 6 ft. dia. turntable with 60" working height and 2000 lbs. Many other sizes are available also.

The model 812 is ideal for commercial rebuilders, industrial applications and large shops. The many options available allow the user to custom design the 812 to meet all applications. The door mounted turntable design is built to provide complete accessibility. Labyrinth door design eliminates the need for expensive replacement seals.

Standard Features:

  • Door mounted mechanical drive turntable.
  • 1/2 Hp turntable motor.
  • Front reservoir.
  • Fully insulated.
  • Fresh water rinse with manual diverter baffle.
  • 7-day timer.
  • Labyrinth seal door.
  • 18 KW electric heater.
  • Stainless steel wash nozzles.
  • 15 HP Standard pump

PMW – if you’ve never heard of us, it’s because nobody’s complaining.