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Liquid Dynamics

Since the founding of Liquidynamics in 1996, we have experienced tremendous growth, thanks to our many loyal customers. At that time we pledged to provide excellent products, service and value. With this updated catalog, we continue this tradition by introducing a significantly improved product line in terms of reliability, performance and value.

In addition to product improvements and the introduction of many new items, we are proud to be able to offer an excellent value for your dollar.

Consistent with our goal of providing our customers with innovative products, you will find many new, unique and interesting items within the following pages.

With the foregoing in mind, we would like to renew our commitment to provide our customers with superior products and service. Liquidynamics will continue to provide products and customer service second to none in quality and performance, while remaining competitively priced.

As always, we are interested to hear from you if there is anything that we can do to better serve you.

Oil Pump Selection Guide

Pressure Ratio 1:1

P/N 32091, 32095, 32071, 32072 and D.D. Pumps

The 1:1 piston pumps are an economical way to transfer new engine oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and 100% antifreeze for distances of approximately 100 ft. or less. Maximum output pressure is 120 PSI.

Double Diaphragm pumps are ideal for transfer of used oil, as well as fluids mentioned above.

Pressure Ratio 3:1

P/N 20001T, 20073T and 20094T

An excellent choice for pumping engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and antifreeze over distances of up to 150 ft. These pumps will service several dispensing points simultaneously. Maximum output pressure is 360 PSI.

Pressure Ratio 5:1

P/N 21100T, 21073T and 21094T

These pumps will do everything the 1:1 and 3:1 pumps do, but can be used to transfer fluid up to 200 ft. and will still service several dispensing points simultaneously. Maximum fluid pressure output is 600 PSI.

High Volume 5:1 Ratio Pumps

P/N 21200 and 21300

These pumps also have a maximum fluid pressure output of 600 PSI but have flow rates more than twice the output of normal 5:1 pumps. These pumps are an excellent choice for high flow applications in truck shops or industry where multiple dispense points are required.

High Ratio Oil Pumps

P/N 21400 and 21500

Higher ratio oil pumps provide additional capability when dealing with long distance oil dispensing, higher viscosities, unusual line restrictions or a combination of these factors. The 21400 pump is a 8:1 ratio pump with flow rates up to 5.5 GPM while the 21500 is a 13:1 ratio pump with a flow rate of 4 GPM. These are both universal stub pumps that can be easily adapted to fit most any tank or drum application.

Used Oil Drain Kits

P/N 950102

Used Oil Drain Kit for 55-gallon drums. Includes heavy-duty 4-wheel cart that comes complete with a tool tray and provision for storing drain pan whiledrum is being emptied. Drain pan kit is supplied with 2” bung adapter to fit standard openings. Includes:

    P/N 24220 Collection Bowl Drain Kit

    P/N 51009C 4 Wheel Cart, 55 Gallon

P/N 950101

Same as P/N 950102 except fits 16-gallon drums. Includes:

P/N 24220 Collection Bowl Drain Kit

P/N 51003C 4 Wheel Cart, 16 Gallon

      P/N 901006 16 Gallon Cover

NOTE: Drums not included with kits above.

Mobile Oil Dispensers

P/N 24128

6 Gallon Capacity oil dispenser pressurizes to 120 PSI air pressure to dispense oil. Includes oil level sight gauge, 6 ft. discharge hose, oil dispense valve and manual non drip tip.

P/N 24135
Air operated oil dispenser, 21 gallon capacity Includes 3:1 ratio pump, 12 ft. discharge hose and oil control valve with rigid spout and auto tip.

P/N 24136-06

This unique 21 gallon transfer kit utilizes an on board 1:1 air operated pump and valve system to dispense fluid as would normally be expected and then refill itself by changing valve positions utilizing the same on board pump. There is no need to have a separate pump to fill the portable tank. Includes 6’ discharge hose and electronic meter with control valve.

P/N 24132

This highly portable 25 gallon oil caddy is ideal for dispensing specialty lubricants using a high output double diaphragm pump. Included are a double diaphragm pump,electronic meter, fluid control handle, 1/2” x 8’ oil discharge hose and an air filter/regulator.

Constructed of high strength, cross linked polyethylene for durability and long life. Intended for use with motor oils, ATF and differential oils.