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Welcome to MotorVac, a division of UView Ultraviolet Systems Inc.

MotorVac develops, manufactures and distributes fluid exchange and diagnostic equipment and various types of preventive maintenance service products to the automotive aftermarket. MotorVac’s history can be traced back to 1992 when the CarbonClean gas fuel cleaning system quickly became the "standard" in the industry. The product line continued developing into different automotive fluid exchange systems and is now recognized as a leading supplier of professional automotive maintenance equipment and service products.

MotorVac products are distributed throughout the world by a select group of automotive parts suppliers and tool and equipment dealers. Each product provides a valuable service to the consumer, while enhancing the potential sales and profitability of automotive service and repair shops.

MotorVac is committed to providing excellent customer service, treating all associates with dignity and respect, and conducting our business with ethics and integrity as a good corporate citizen.



Part No. 500-7050

• Complete a Simple, Safe and Complete Flush and

  Exchange in just 5 minutes

• Efficient Process Results in a Highly Profitable,

  Easy Add-on Service

• Unit Services Both Pump Reservoir and Remote

  Reservoir Systems

• Extra Long Wand Provides Easy Access for the Technician

• Technician- Friendly System with Easy-To-Use


Excellent return on investment.  One service per day will pay for the machine in a few months!




TransTech III

Part No. 500-1100

• "One Touch" Electronic Control for Ease of Use

• Replaces Virtually 100% of the Dirty ATF

• Cooler Line Pressure Gauge

• Quick and Convenient Drain Pan Feature and

  Fluid "Add" Control

• Complete Adapter Kit for Domestic and Foreign Vehicles

• Complete Adapter Kit for Most Domestic and

  Foreign Vehicles

Excellent return on investment.  One service per day will pay for the machine in a few months!


TransTech IV

Part No. 500-1125

• Automatic Inline Exchange - Connect to a transmission

  cooler line and press one button. Walk away until the

  service complete

• Dipstick Exchange - A convenient dipstick tube exchange

  requiring no tools or adaptors

• Drain Pan Feature - Allows operator to drain transmission

  pan for a convenient and mess-free filter change

• Transmission Cooler Flush Feature - Allows operator to

  flush transmission cooler and cooler lines

• Patented Level Synchronization - Ensures the transmission

  cannot be under or overfilled

• Automatic Bypass - Ensures that transmission will not run

  out of fluid during the exchange process

• 26 Quart (24.6 L) New Fluid Reservoir - Allows user to

  service large capacity transmissions

• High Volume Pump - For rapid and efficient service

• Compact Cabinet - Designed for ease of storage

• Complete Adapter Kit - For servicing most domestic and

  foreign vehicles

Excellent return on investment.  One service per day will pay for the machine in a few months!


Fuel Service Equipment


CarbonClean 1000

Part No. 500-0220

·         Complete, professional fuel injection cleaning and engine decarbonizing service

·         Unique time saving adapter system makes connecting to the rail simple and fast

·         An easy to use online application guide provides visual, step by step instructions on how to attach to thousands of vehicles quickly

·         Built in diagnostic capabilities

·         Premixed detergent solution utilizes MotorVac's proprietary CarbonClean chemistry

Everything you need to provide the Tune-Up for the 21st Century!®


DieselTune 4000

Part No. 500-4006

• Profitable Shop Service That Cleans Carbon From a Diesel

  Engine in Less Than An Hour

• Greatly Reduces Turbo Lag and Restores Peak Pressure

• Increases HP and Torque Throughout the RPM Range to

  Improve Fuel Leakage

• Removes Carbon from the Combustion Chamber to

  Increase Injector and Glow Plug Life

• Cleans Injector Pumps by Dissolving Harmful Deposits to

  Slowly Extend the Life of the Pump

• System Will Service Cars or Trucks Up to 750 HP

Excellent return on investment.  One service per day will pay for the machine in a few months!

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