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Equipto has been a leader in the space utilization market for years. A consistently better product, outstanding customer service and an attitude that keeps clients coming back has made Equipto what it is today. Equipto's philosophy is that they want to make it as simple as possible to do business with them.

From Cars to Complete Space Utilization Systems - Equipto Evolves

It all began in 1907, when Thomas M. Dunham began developing motorcycle headlights and sidecars in Aurora, Illinois. With the increase in automobile production, motorcycle parts soon were not in such high demand, so Equipto began producing body parts for Ford Motor Company's Model T Chassis. As the relationship with the car industry flourished, Dunham began hearing other needs within the automotive industry. One car dealer needed heavy-duty shelving to store large, hefty car parts and the idea for space utilization products was born.

As World War II approached, Equipto retooled to produce various steel products needed for Allied efforts. It was during this time that Equipto diversified its product line to meet the demand for other space-saving products. John C. Dunham, Thomas' son, took over the business after World War II and continued to develop products and expand the customer base beyond the automobile industry. In 1991, Thomas Dunham's grandson, Tom Matyas, became President and CEO.

Today, Equipto's customers range from industrial clients such as Caterpillar and Boeing, retail clients using display shelving like Mikasa and The Gap, to healthcare facilities such as Mt. Sinai-Chicago and DuPont Medical Systems that utilize Equipto's filing products.

Growth and Expansion

The company that began in 1907 was having growing pains in the '60s. The Aurora plant had been the only home to Equipto's headquarters and sole manufacturing plant, but in 1970, growth in business necessitated that Equipto expand operations to two new manufacturing plants in Tatamy, Pennsylvania and Dallas, Texas.

Setting Themselves Apart From the Competition

As the company grows and flourishes, new products and systems are being built. It's not just one product that sets Equipto apart, it's their entire line of products. Ranging from mezzanines to Mobile Aisle systems, Equipto makes a better product that they stand behind and guarantee. Many of Equipto's products have stood the test of time and continue to be big sellers in the market.

One such system that was built in 1963 is the V-Grip™ System. Because of it's unlimited versatility and quality design, this system is the cornerstone of Equipto's successful product line. V-Grip™ is much more than a heavy duty shelving product. All the components can stand-alone or be combined to build the perfect solution to any space utilization problem. V-Grip™ is only one of the many success stories that make up the history of Equipto's popular product lines. In the future, Equipto will continue to lead the market with product innovations and space utilization systems.

Today and Beyond

After more than 99 years, Equipto's customer base reached across the U.S. and into many other countries. In an effort to centralize management and production, Equipto relocated its global headquarters to Tatamy, Pennsylvania. As Equipto continues to grow and extend its product lines, customers can expect the same innovation and quality that has made Equipto what it is today: The industry leader in space utilization products.


 Design Benefits and Features
Industry leader in structural integrity.
Exclusive V-Griptm compression design.
Precision engineered for reliable performance.
Flexible selection of standard components.
System components are adjustable for convenient reconfiguration.
Durable enamel paint finish.
Accommodates high-rise and multi-level applications.

Space Utilization Advantages
V-grip with modular drawers increases small parts storage density.
V-grip on mobile aisle eliminates wasted aisle space.
Double deck V-Grip uses wasted overhead space.

Market Applications
Manufacturing - parts/supplies, maintenance, R and D, tool room.
Automotive - parts department, service areas, bulk parts, archival records.
Education - athletic department, maintenance, supplies.
Retail - backroom storage, merchandise display.
Government - military bases, vehicle & flight maintenance, supply departments.
Healthcare - pharmacy, supplies, maintenance.
Law enforcement - property and evidence, supplies.

V-Grip Shelving 

The heart of equipto’s engineered space solutions is V-Grip, an industrial shelving
system design that is unmatched in structural integrity and provides the industry’s
broadest selection of accessory components to meet virtually any application.

• Combine V-Grip components to meet specific applications:
• Heavy duty steel shelves
• Wire shelves for better flow of light and air
• Versa rack shelf beams accommodate wood, wire or steel shelves
• Modular drawers in 48 different sizes with a capacity of 200 or 400 lbs.
• Use full or partial height dividers to create custom storage bins
• Bulk rack options including solid or wire shelves with spans up to 8 feet
    and capacities up to 3400 lbs. Per level
• V-Grip upright posts have an exclusive triangular design that maximizes
    load-bearing capability while providing a smooth front surface without
    unsightly holes or hardware.
• Reflective white back and end panels

V-Griptm Shelving features the most efficient fastening principle known:
Corner shelf reinforcements with extruded studs insert easily into tapered slots in uprights.
Shelf corner drops firmly over corner reinforcement and seats itself. Four-way, crossed tension
minimizes deflection, and imparts superior strength and rigidity to the unit.

Versatile V-Grip uprights
permit practical back-to-back assembly of shelving units, with the same,
strong reinforcement that actually strengthens shelves and uprights, yet permits their easy adjustment.

Double-flanged V-Grip uprights
allow easy side-by-side assembly of shelving
in rows, with the strongest configuration.
Each flange of the upright supports a
shelf from one adjoining unit only.

Shelves adjust instantly on 11/2”
centers, without disturbing
shelves in adjoining units.
Corner reinforcement inserts into
upright; shelf simply fits down
over it, and locks Into place.*
Tapered slots in uprights accept
corner reinforcements for 4-way shelf support.
Double-flanged upright avoids
two shelves from adjoining
units placing stress on a single flange.  

Heavy duty V-Grip shelves are
constructed of 18-gauge steel, and
double-flanged on all four sides for
maximum strength and firmness.

V-Griptm Shelving with Drawers

Combining modular drawers with V-Griptm shelving optimizes flexibility by providing an
ergonomic approach to storing a mix of small and bulk items. Placement of drawers between the knees and shoulders reduces the reaching and bending required of conventional storage cabinets, while providing space for bulk storage above and below drawers.

• 48 Standard drawer sizes
• 36’’ and 48” widths
• 18” and 24” depths
• Drawer heights from 3” to 131/2”
• 200 and 400lb. Drawer capacity
• Each drawer has individual rigid mounting brackets
   for 100% flexibility of drawer location
• Drawers available with or without divider sets
• Drawers include handles with integral
   plastic-covered label holder

V-Griptm Tire Rack

V-Grip Tire Racks provide a flexible and economical tire storage
system. Tire Racks are available in various heights in either a
stationary or mobile configuration. Support beams provide a rigid
3-point connection to V-Grip upright post and are adjustable on11/2” centers to accommodate a variety of tire sizes.

Tire racks
• Racks assemble quickly and adjust
   with a minimum number of tools
• Beams adjust up or down on 11/2’’ centers
• Brackets furnished for back-to-back or against the wall use

Racks hold 7 to 10 tires
Each level 15’’D x 60’’W
All equipment assembles as shown, with
cross beams locking into uprights. Beams are
adjustable on 11/2” centers. All tire racks are
furnished with brackets which may be used to anchor to wall or Back-to-back. Floor anchors are provided for all starting units.

Beam-to-Post Connection
Strong, V-Grip uprights with tapered slots
accept 3 lugs on each beam end to lock
post to beam firmly, without fasteners.

Zip-In Shelving

Equipto’s Zip-In shelving is the ideal solution when there is frequent change
in the size of items being stored and the ability to easily change the vertical
clear opening of each shelf location is a prerequisite. Zip-In shelves simply
slide in and out of the unit without unloading or removing adjacent shelves.
Zip-in shelves adjust easily by sliding shelves in and out of the system.
Sliding dividers attach easily without hardware or
fasteners and provide infinite adjustability left to right.
Zip-in shelving units provide adjustability of shelves on 11/2” centers.

Iron Grip® Shelving

The heavier the load the tighter the grip!

Equipto Iron Grip® features the strongest, most resourceful system.
• Quick shelf placement without tools; just a simple, solid steel stud
    at every shelf corner.
• Independent unit concept is engineered for strength, and is infinitely
   adjustable for custom fitting to your specific needs.
• Iron Grip shelving provides superior strength for heavy applications
• Add drawers, dividers, bin fronts, bases or doors for your specific applications
• The largest upright anywhere, with a heavy gauge stud in each
   shelf corner which locks a double thickness of metal together
• Stud grip increases as additional weight is added to shelf

Heights: Iron Grip shelving units come in 84” height, 385/8’’, 431/8’’, 60”, 72”, 96”, 120” and 180” high units are also available. Any other heights by special order. Specify desired height; we’ll provide a prompt quotation.

Superior Iron Grip strength automatically provides
crucial 4-point reinforcement to shelves.
The tapered stud engages a sloped, key-shaped
hole in the upright for instant binding strength.
Built to last. Studs are plated; other parts have
oven-baked enamel surfaces, and all formed
from prime rolled steel.

Iron grip key
Fasten any two shelving units together quickly
and easily. Easy-access keys remove just as
simply, allowing rearrangement of any unit
without disturbing adjacent units
U.S. patent No. 2,824,775

Use Iron Grip shelving in a variety of
configurations: free-standing; side-by-side;
back-to-back; or arranged in efficient work
centers. Each shelf unit has four uprights.
Durable 18-gauge shelves feature box-formed edges on
all four sides. Adding 13-gauge, U-formed channels (3/8’’
x 13/32’’) provides extra strength reinforcement on heavily
loaded shelves. For heaviest use, also add end and center
channels. Angles (1’’ x 1’’) made of 1/8’’ thick carbon steel
provide optional reinforcement at the ends.

High visibility panels

Equipto furnishes high visibility white back and end panels
on Iron Grip shelving units, regardless of the color of other.
Standard color on Iron Grip shelving is office gray with white
panels. Optional decorator colors will also be shipped with
white panels unless you specify otherwise.

• 1’’ x 23/8’’ uprights (13 gauge), are the largest
   anywhere. Side embossing adds even more
   strength and rigidity to the unit
• Iron Grip studs allow adjustment of shelves
   instantly on 11/2’’ centers
• Front and rear shelf flanges extend around
   the sides past keyhole. Steel stud binds both
   flanges to upright
• Dividers adjust on 1’’ centers with Speedy clips
   on 36’’ wide shelving (3’’ centers on 48’’ widths)

Iron Grip® Shelving

Equipto Iron Grip® features the strongest, most resourceful system.
• Quick shelf placement without tools; just a simple, solid steel stud
   at every shelf corner.
• Independent unit concept is engineered for strength, and is infinitely
   adjustable for custom fitting to your specific needs.

Bar Racks

Equipto Bar Racks are ideal for storing long and bulky parts as well as pipes.
Each arm carries 350 lbs. Choose 3’, 6’ or 8’ widths, to support parts as needed.

• Specialty bar racks
• Single or double face
• Two heights, three widths, two depths
• Use individually or in rows
• Shelves optionally available.
• Capacity 325 lbs. per arm

Bar Racks are the effective answer to organizing steel or any other items that don’t need shelf support. Slotted angle, pipe, tubes, bars — Equipto Bar Racks hold them all. With no wasted space and absolutely simple access. Note: Be sure to order a rack end to finish each row.

Why try to maneuver those special items in and out of shelving, when they don’t need to be there in the first place? Solid steel Equipto Bar Racks are specially designed for just those items. Single or double-face bar racks in a range of heights and widths can be used individually or in rows. You can even add a shelf here and there for items too short toreach between rack arms.

Heavy Duty Bar Racks

The innovative, space-saving answer to organization of a wide range of long items,
with a capacity of up to 12,000 lbs. per unit! Choose single or double-faced designs in 18
different sizes for your best application. Available in three widths, three heights and two arm
lengths - all adjustable, and designed for economical, common upright performance.

• Ideal for long, difficult-to-organize items
• Organizes and protects valuable bar stock, pipe, lumber,conduit, steel angle, tool steel and more
• High capacity and high strength
• Adjustable on 2’’ centers
• 18’’ arm holds 1,000 lbs, 30’’ arm holds 500 lbs.,
• each frame up to 12,000 lbs.

Reel Racks

Organize reels of cable and supplies, making them easy to retrieve.
Equipto Reel Racks hold up to 2000 lbs. per level, and up to 12000 lbs. per rack. (Reel Rods not included.)
 Racks hold small to large reels on both sides — safely. And you can move them easily by hand or fork lift truck.

• High capacity free standing A-frame racks
• 96”-120”-144” heights
• 12000 lb. capacity
• 3’’ x 3’’ vertical posts with mounting holes
• Adjustable cross beams on 2’’ centers with automatic safety locks


Equipto Workcenters provide years of useful, rugged and efficient space utilization. Select from wall mount or free-standing units, with or without drawers, and the largest variety of accessories to take advantage of your work space. Equipto’s extensive line of workcenters organize your workareas to make you more productive.

• Modular Drawer Cabinet Workcenters maximize storage density
• Closed and Pedestal Leg Workcenters keep tools and parts out of sight
• Open Leg Workcenters provide economical work space
• Tech Bench Workcenters offer a modern answer for keeping reels, hoses,
   manuals and computer monitors neat and organized
• Equipto Workcenters make flexible use of drawers and cabinets

Teardown Bench

Teardown bench features and benefits
• Ideal for working on transmissions, small engines
   and hydraulic components
• Reinforced work surface will stand up to years of heavy use
• Top has a 3/4” high retaining lip on all sides tapering to the rear
   center to a 1/2” threaded and plumbed drain
• Optional caster kit consists of 4 swivel 71/2”H casters
• 1/2” threaded drain nipple allows for connection of a hose to divert
   fluid to a storage container; or capture fluid with an optional
   fluid container kit

Adjustable Height Iron-I Workcenters

Iron-I Workcenters are completely adjustable and are available in 2 depths and 4 lengths with over 35
varying leg heights! You can choose from 5 standard tops to customize to your specific requirements

• Adjustable height 26” to 44”
• Three-way adjustable shelf
• Electrical, air and fluid power knockouts on each leg
• Heavy-Duty cantilever leg design eliminates
   obstruction of corner leg design

Adjust position
Shelf can be adjusted to be
closer to front or back of bench.

Shure is a Tough Toolbox!

A car backs into a Shure Tool Box and bounces off. The durable Shure tool box had minimal damage and remains operational!

Shure Manufacturing Corporation engineers and manufactures high quality, professional workbenches, tool storage, storage cabinets, transmission benches, technician carts, transaction / service cabinets and various shop equipment. Shure has been a major supplier of quality shop equipment for the automotive service / repair and petroleum industries since the 1940s. Shure's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is centrally located in Washington, Missouri. Shure re-located its plant to Washington in 1995 after 50 years in St. Louis. Shure's manufacturing facility features a high tech powder paint line offering 22 Signature Powder Coat Paint colors and a high tech laser precision cutting machine and computerized fabrication equipment.

Shure Quality!