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Lubrication Equipment

We can build you the tank that you need for your lube system, waste oil system, fuel storage, or any other tank you need!  Capacities range from 100 gallon to over 12,000 gallons!  Single wall, double wall, poly, cylindrical, cubes, high rise, etc... Any size and configuration you need!  Contact Travis or Bob for all of your custom tank needs!

Since the founding of Liquidynamics in 1996, we have experienced tremendous growth, thanks to our many loyal customers. At that time we pledged to provide excellent products, service and value. With this updated catalog, we continue this tradition by introducing a significantly improved product line in terms of reliability, performance and value.

In addition to product improvements and the introduction of many new items, we are proud to be able to offer an excellent value for your dollar.

Consistent with our goal of providing our customers with innovative products, you will find many new, unique and interesting items within the following pages.

With the foregoing in mind, we would like to renew our commitment to provide our customers with superior products and service. Liquidynamics will continue to provide products and customer service second to none in quality and performance, while remaining competitively priced.

As always, we are interested to hear from you if there is anything that we can do to better serve you.

Oil Pump Selection Guide

Pressure Ratio 1:1

P/N 32091, 32095, 32071, 32072 and D.D. Pumps

The 1:1 piston pumps are an economical way to transfer new engine oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and 100% antifreeze for distances of approximately 100 ft. or less. Maximum output pressure is 120 PSI.

Double Diaphragm pumps are ideal for transfer of used oil, as well as fluids mentioned above.

Pressure Ratio 3:1

P/N 20001T, 20073T and 20094T

An excellent choice for pumping engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and antifreeze over distances of up to 150 ft. These pumps will service several dispensing points simultaneously. Maximum output pressure is 360 PSI.

Pressure Ratio 5:1

P/N 21100T, 21073T and 21094T

These pumps will do everything the 1:1 and 3:1 pumps do, but can be used to transfer fluid up to 200 ft. and will still service several dispensing points simultaneously. Maximum fluid pressure output is 600 PSI.

High Volume 5:1 Ratio Pumps

P/N 21200 and 21300

These pumps also have a maximum fluid pressure output of 600 PSI but have flow rates more than twice the output of normal 5:1 pumps. These pumps are an excellent choice for high flow applications in truck shops or industry where multiple dispense points are required.

High Ratio Oil Pumps

P/N 21400 and 21500

Higher ratio oil pumps provide additional capability when dealing with long distance oil dispensing, higher viscosities, unusual line restrictions or a combination of these factors. The 21400 pump is a 8:1 ratio pump with flow rates up to 5.5 GPM while the 21500 is a 13:1 ratio pump with a flow rate of 4 GPM. These are both universal stub pumps that can be easily adapted to fit most any tank or drum application.

Used Oil Drain Kits

P/N 950102

Used Oil Drain Kit for 55-gallon drums. Includes heavy-duty 4-wheel cart that comes complete with a tool tray and provision for storing drain pan whiledrum is being emptied. Drain pan kit is supplied with 2” bung adapter to fit standard openings. Includes:

    P/N 24220 Collection Bowl Drain Kit

    P/N 51009C 4 Wheel Cart, 55 Gallon

P/N 950101

Same as P/N 950102 except fits 16-gallon drums. Includes:

P/N 24220 Collection Bowl Drain Kit

P/N 51003C 4 Wheel Cart, 16 Gallon

      P/N 901006 16 Gallon Cover

NOTE: Drums not included with kits above.

Mobile Oil Dispensers

P/N 24128

6 Gallon Capacity oil dispenser pressurizes to 120 PSI air pressure to dispense oil. Includes oil level sight gauge, 6 ft. discharge hose, oil dispense valve and manual non drip tip.

P/N 24135
Air operated oil dispenser, 21 gallon capacity Includes 3:1 ratio pump, 12 ft. discharge hose and oil control valve with rigid spout and auto tip.

P/N 24136-06

This unique 21 gallon transfer kit utilizes an on board 1:1 air operated pump and valve system to dispense fluid as would normally be expected and then refill itself by changing valve positions utilizing the same on board pump. There is no need to have a separate pump to fill the portable tank. Includes 6’ discharge hose and electronic meter with control valve.

P/N 24132

This highly portable 25 gallon oil caddy is ideal for dispensing specialty lubricants using a high output double diaphragm pump. Included are a double diaphragm pump,electronic meter, fluid control handle, 1/2” x 8’ oil discharge hose and an air filter/regulator.

Constructed of high strength, cross linked polyethylene for durability and long life. Intended for use with motor oils, ATF and differential oils.


Pump Systems
Turn your Rhino Tuff Tank into a pump system utilizing our universal  pump accessories or one of our pump packages
(Top, *Side, and Wall Mount Pump Packages Available!) 

Pump systems provide versatile options for clean, convenient, and accurate dispensing from the tank, directly to your equipment.

Pump Packages include: 3:1 Pneumatic pump, 50’ Hose/Reel, Electronic Non-preset dispensing gun, and all necessary brackets and hardware.

Universal Pump Accessories (Universal Plate, Pump Bracket, and Reel Bracket ) will work with most major pump/hose reel manufacturers. 

*Industry’s only side mount design, allowing pump application for all tanks in a stacked system.

Rhino Tuff Tanks offers a complete line of tanks including square stackables, round tanks, caged systems and containment vessels.   Our tanks eliminate the hassles of handling 55 gallon drums.  Clean up your work area; maximize your valuable floor space - stack multiple fluids vertically in bulk.  Superior tank designs, complimented with rugged, heavy-duty components give our customers confidence that their fluids are safely stored inside our complete, total tank package.  Our system is not just tough, it's Rhino Tuff!


Durable, interchangeable components are the backbone of our elite stand systems.  Our stand bases have been created to match our tanks'  specific contoured design.  With a common footprint among all tanks sizes, your choice of stand is based solely on your preferred leg height.  We offer three standard leg lengths, however custom sizing for your specific need is available also.

Heavy-Duty 7 Gauge Extruded Steel Construction
Durable, Corrosion-Resistant Powder Coat Finish
1 1/2" Diameter Pipe Legs
4", 24", and 36" Leg Lengths Available
Bolt-On Elbow Kits (sold separately or as a package)

Product Quality

Headquartered in Barberton, Ohio, JohnDow Industries has provided the automotive aftermarket with quality products engineered to help our customers achieve greater work efficiencies for a variety of service applications for over 30 years. Our professional tools and equipment are built to endure the rigors of automotive and heavy-duty vehicle service and maintenance.

Professional Product Offering

The JDI extensive product offering is divided into five distinct brands each delivering real solutions to real customer problems.

  • Fuel Chief - Portable Fuel Storage & Handling - the largest manufacturer of gas caddies in North America.
  • Crew Chief - Used Oil & Fluid Handling - the most extensive line of oil drains and fluid handling equipment on the market today.
  • EuroVent - Vehicle Exhaust Extraction - the largest supplier of "rail type" vehicle exhaust systems in the United States.
  • JohnDow - Automotive Service Equipment - a full line of equipment packed with unique features designed for the true professional.
  • Dynamic - Automotive Fasteners & Supplies - assortments designed to save the installer time and money with hard to find parts.

New Product Innovations

JohnDow Industries continues to support our customers with new products designed for improved benefits and usability in the automotive aftermarket as well as Heavy-Duty, Industrial, and Marine markets.

Delivering Solutions

We believe our advantageous product offering, extensive distribution network, and experienced sales representatives are the best in the country. Please click on the distributors' link to locate a JDI distributor near you. Our sales agencies are also available to help our customers with any question or request they may have.

JohnDow: Lubrication Equipment

15-Gallon Air-Operated Fluid Dispenser

Product No. JDI-15DP
  • Unit holds 15 gallons of fluid and includes 3" heavy-duty casters
  • Sight tube shows fluid level
  • Air pressured dispensers eliminate the need for an air pump or hand pump
  • Great for syntheic oils, ATF, gear oils and other fluids
  • Completely portable units operate inside or outside of servic bays and include a 6' hose and dispensing gun
  • Can be used with meter gun for accurate measurement
  • 2" spout with cap for easy filling
  • 7" wheels for easy handling

5-Gallon Air-Operated Fluid Dispenser

Product No. JDI-5DP
  • Sight tube shows fluid level
  • Air pressured dispensers eliminate the need for an air pump or hand pump
  • Great for synthetic oils, ATF, gear oils and other fluids
  • Completely portable units operate inside or outside of service bays and includes a 6' hose and dispensing gun
  • Can be used with meter gun for accurate measurement
  • 5-gallon capacity steel tank
  • 2" spout with cap for easy filling
  • Air regulator and safety relief valve ensure proper pressurization
  • 7" wheels for easy handling

Electric Meter Gun Non Preset

Product No. JD-3900
  • Lightweight meter gun measures motor oil, ATF, gear oil and other fluids.
  • Non-drip nozzle.
  • Measures in quarts.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Includes flex spout with auto tip

Electric Meter Gun Preset

Product No. JD-K500
  • Designed to dispense quantity of oil, ATF, gear oil and other compatible fluids.
  • Programmable between pints, quarts, gallons and liters.
  • Easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Set up to five different preset quantities.
  • Discharge spout can be positioned at five different angles.
  • Tip rotates 90°.
  • Includes rigid spout with auto tip

Grease Control Handle Flexible Outlet

Product No. JD-3560F
  • Available with rigid or flexible outlet
  • Heavy-duty continuous flow
  • 1/4" NPT inlet

Grease Control Handle Rigid Outlet

Product No. JD-3560
  • Available with rigid or flexible outlet
  • Heavy-duty coninuous flow
  • 1/4" NPT inlet

Grease Delivery Hose

Product No. JDH-1014
  • 1/4" I.D. x 10'.
  • 1/4"(m) x 1/4"(f).
  • 5000 psi rating

Oil Delivery Gun - Rigid

Product No. JD-3930
  • Oil delivery gun with rigid extension spout

Oil Delivery Hose

Product No. JDM-1038
  • 3/8" I.D. x 10', 3/4" (f) x 3/8" (m), 2500 psi rating

Pneumatic Grease System For Use with 35 lb. Container

Product No. JDL-5
  • Includes:
  • JDL-3640 60:1 grease pump
  • JD-3565 Drum cover
  • JD-3570 Follower plate
  • JDH-1014 Outlet hose
  • JD-3560 Control handle
  • JD-3840Z Z-swive

Pneumatic Grease System For Use with 120 lb. Container

Product No. JDL-16 (16C)*
  • Includes:
  • JDL-3650 60:1 grease pump
  • JD-3566 Drum cover
  • JD-3571 Follower plate
  • JDH-1014 Outlet hose
  • JD-3560 Control handle
  • JD-3840Z Z-swivel
  • *JDL-16C includes caster bas

Pneumatic Grease System For Use with 400 lb. Container

Product No. JDL-55
  • Includes:
  • JDL-3655 60:1 grease pump
  • JD-3567 Drum cover
  • JD-3572 Follower plate
  • JDH-1014 Outlet hose
  • JD-3560 Control handle
  • JD-3840Z Z-swive

Pneumatic Oil System for 16 Gallon Open-End Drum with 3.1 Pump

Product No. JDOL-16
  • Pneumatic oil system for 16 gallon open-end drum
  • System Includes: JD-3610 3:1 oil pump, JD-3566A Drum cover, JDM-1038 10' oil delivery hose, JD-3930 oil delivery gun
  • Drum and Caster Base (JDI-16B) not included

Pneumatic Oil System for 55 Gal Bung-Type Drum

Product No. JDOL-55
  • Pneumatic oil system for 55 gallon bung-type drum
  • System Includes: JD-3615 3:1 oil pump, JDM-1038 10' delivery hose, JD-3930 oil delivery gun
  • Drum not included

Z - Swivel

Product No. JD-3840Z
  • 1/4" NPT x 1/4" NPT
  • Permits easy handling of control handle/booster gun when mounted between delivery hose and control valve

Oil Delivery Gun - Flexible

Product No. JD-3940
  • Oil delivery gun with flexible extension spout

Wall Bracket

Product No. WB-200
  • Recommended for AFC-100-94.
  • Wall anchors not included

The majority of Reelcraft’s 2500 models of hose reels, cord reels and cable reels deliver air, water, oil, grease and many other types of fluids with the balance designed for welding cables, extension power cords and electric cords. We offer the broadest, most complete product line available anywhere in the world and are known as the industry leader for our durable, high quality products.

Reelcraft's engineered products group has the capabilities to custom build to your specifications. Our special engineered products are developed for demanding applications such as marine, military, aviation, hydroseeding, sewer and well cleaning, offshore oil rigs, robotic cable and much more. We offer flexibility, competitive pricing and over 20 years of experience in manufacturing custom built hose reels, cord reels and cable reels. Reelcraft's custom built products offer a complete solution to your reel needs.

Reelcraft manufactures heavy duty hose reels, cord reels and cable reels for many different applications and markets. Our most complete product line includes spring retractable hose reels, cord reels and cable reels; hand crank hose reels, cord reels, and cable reels; electric cord reels for power and light; motor driven hose reels, cord reels and cable reels; large frame hose reels; custom designed and built hose reels, cord reels, cable reels and storage reels; and industrial grade reels for military use. Many other options are available.

Balcrank Corporation manufactures and supplies fluid dispensing equipment used in the automotive, commercial and industrial markets.  Our products are designed for automotive quick lube facilities, dealerships, fleet, and commercial vehicle applications.

Call Travis or Bob to answer your Balcrank questions today!

About Graco

Tech Center Front

Since 1926, Graco Inc. has been a leading provider of premium pumps and spray equipment for fluid handling in the construction, manufacturing, processing and maintenance industries. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Graco works closely with distributors around the world to offer innovative products that set the quality standard for spray finishing, paint circulation, lubrication, sealant and adhesives dispensing, process application, and contractor power equipment. These best-in-class products are manufactured in the U.S. and China and supplied through our distribution centers in Minnesota, Belgium, Japan, Korea, China and Australia.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our history, a focus on highly-engineered, quality products, industry-leading innovation and the solid partnerships we form with customers and suppliers around the world.

Hose Reels

A complete family of high quality reels

When quality counts, choose Graco hose reels.



Automated, Wireless Oil Dispense Tracking and Bulk Tank Monitoring


Matrix Total Fluid Management System provides automated tracking and monitoring plus state-of-the-art dispensing for complete control of your fluid inventory. Save time, gain billable hours and maximize your fixed operation's profitability with Matrix. 

System components include management software, Transceiver, Matrix Meter, Pump Air Control (PAC) and Tank Level Monitor (TLM). Together, these components wirelessly talk to each other through an RF signal to collect data from fluid dispenses, levels in bulk oil and waste tanks, plus much more!

Matrix System

Metering Packages




Bin and Drum Unloaders

Diaphragm or piston pump unloaders that evacuate medium to high viscosity materials

Automatic Lubrication Systems


In our current challenging economy we are continually evaluating methods to enhance our capabilities to provide the outstanding, responsive service our customers expect.

We offer lightning fast shipping, a great warranty, the most complete range of fluid transfer products and accessories in our industries, and a live person to answer the phone whenever you need to call.  And there is no minimum order requirement. 

Contact Travis or Bob today!